Pancake Scrap Delight

Pancake Scrap Delight


Pancake Scrap Delight

Pancake Scrap Delight


  • Sliced pancake tubes
  • ~ Pancake scraps
  • Cream:
  • ~ 0.4 cups (120 grams) of 20% sour cream
  • ~ 0.06 ounces (15 grams) of sugar (to taste)
  • ~ Vanilla extract
  • Mousse Cream:
  • ~ Remaining cream - about 10 ounces (280 grams)
  • Buttery Layer:
  • (Optional)
  • ~ 0.4 cups (100 grams) of 33% cream
  • ~ 0.25 ounces (7 grams) of sugar
  • ~ 0.1 ounces (3 grams) of gelatin
  • ~ 0.6 ounces (18 grams) of water


Line the bottom of the pan with plastic wrap and line the sides with acetate sheets.

Whisk together the sour cream, sugar, and vanilla extract.

Add the pancake scraps and mix.

Heat the mousse cream over a double boiler, stirring constantly until smooth and slightly liquid. Immediately pour a thin layer into the pan.

Arrange the sliced pancake tubes along the edges of the pan.

Fill the center with the pancake mixture mixed with cream, smooth it out, and pour over the mousse. Refrigerate overnight.

The next day, if desired, pour over the buttery layer. To make it, mix the cream with sugar, vanilla extract, and dissolved gelatin.

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