Oreo Cheesecake

Oreo Cheesecake


For the crust:
300g Oreos
60ml melted butter
(Mix everything together until fine)

For the filling:
500g cream cheese (20% fat)
400g fresh cheese
200ml cream
200g sugar
1 packet vanilla sugar
2 tbsp flour
1 tbsp cornstarch
4 eggs

150g finely crushed Oreos


Prepare the Crust:

Crush the Oreos into fine crumbs using a food processor or by placing them in a sealed plastic bag and crushing them with a rolling pin.
In a bowl, mix the Oreo crumbs with melted butter until well combined.
Press the mixture evenly into the bottom of a greased baking dish, forming the crust. Set aside.
Prepare the Filling:

In a large mixing bowl, combine cream cheese, fresh cheese, cream, sugar, vanilla sugar, flour, and cornstarch. Mix until smooth and creamy.
Add eggs, one at a time, mixing well after each addition until fully incorporated.
Fold in the finely crushed Oreos into the cheesecake filling mixture.
Bake the Cheesecake:

Preheat the oven to 170°C (340°F).
Pour the cheesecake filling over the prepared crust in the baking dish, spreading it out evenly.
Bake in the preheated oven for about 40 minutes or until the cheesecake is set and slightly golden on top.
Cool and Serve:

Once baked, remove the cheesecake from the oven and let it cool completely at room temperature.
Once cooled, refrigerate the cheesecake for at least a few hours or overnight to allow it to set completely.
Once set, slice the Oreo cheesecake into squares and serve chilled. Enjoy your delicious Oreo Cheesecake!


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