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Social Media Internship

For college students looking to develop their skill sets of marketing, social media, customer service & communications.

Role responsibilities:

  • Consumer engagement on social media (all platforms)- helping our Brand Manager respond to messages, comments and assist with customer service. 
  • Admin assistance for our brand manager when needed (local outreach, blogger outreach, event management, customer service etc).


  • Passionate about Delighted By Hummus- the product, company culture & mission
  • Highly professional in all communications 
  • Self-motivated & organized 
  • Loves people and connecting with them! 
  • Desires to 'spread their glitter' in the food industry/with DB by combining their experience, skill-set and passion! 
  • Enthusiastic, 'delighted by life,' Positive, Charismatic 
  • Great writing skills 
  • Excellent communication 
  • Responsible 
  • Eagerness to learn 
  • Positive, enthusiastic 
  • Curious 
  • Enjoys working and being of service to people- we are in the business of delighting others' days! 
  • Open to learning about conscious enterprise 
  • Open to consistent feedback and willingness to grow/improve where needed. 


Est 5-10 per week




This is an unpaid internship where you will be learning & gaining first hand experience. We will provide letters of reference.

Our Values:

  • Work-Life Balance
  • Personal Alignment
  • Intentional/Conscious Living
  • Embody the lifestyle: Health, Active, Driven by something greater than us
  • Heart-Centered Living: Love always wins. 
  • Paving the 'New Way' of Business: Conscious Enterprise beyond 'triple bottom line'
  • Authentic Communication
  • Honesty & Integrity 

To learn more about Delighted By Hummus, our Mission and our product, click here. 



Email with:

  • Resume
  • Reference(s)
  • Current location, University & Major/Minor
  • Cover Letter stating why you believe you fit this role; your background; your passions and dreams; and how you see potentially being involved with DB long term.