Dorm-Room Creations To Dropping Out Of College And Building A National Nut-Butter Brand to 9000 Stores, feat. WILD FRIENDS FOODS Co-Founders Erika Welsh & Keely Tillotson

Wild Friends Foods is a passionate, youthful and DELICIOUS nut & seed butter company, started in 2011 and still going strong today.

Erika and her co-founder Keely started Wild Friends at 18 & 19 years old, while they were in college.

They ended up dropping out their Sophomore year to pursue their venture full time, which I think is just the coolest.

Erika said she has zero regrets, and despite the emotional rollercoaster over the last 8 years, the two founders have been (and still are) completely devoted to Wild Friends.

I loved how much Erika honored her co-founder, and she spoke a lot about how this friendship & partnership has held her through all the tough times.

Erika also speaks of the challenges within the industry, and how they maintain their core values behind closed doors.

Other Episode highlights:

  • Grass-roots Entrepreneurship
  • Working with a Co-Founder
  • Digestive issues into clean eating
  • Personal Expression: ‘’finding your thing’’
  • Work-Life balance for entrepreneurs
  • ‘Fuel Her Future’ Give-Back Mission of Wild Friends

‘’What would the friendliest company in the world do?’’ - Erika Welsh


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