Looking Inward To Find Real (and Lasting) Motivation: feat. HAIL MERRY SNACKS Founder, Susan O’Brien

I had the honor & privilege of interviewing the founder of Hail Merry, Susan O’Brien. Hail Merry Snacks is home of indulgent, raw vegan tarts and other treats that you’ll definitely want to make a part of your weekly grocery list.

Susan is a passionate leader in the food industry with a big heart for the planet and clean eating. She is a voice for the Non-GMO Verification Project and leads her team 100% from her heart. She does what matters, rather than giving into what the industry expects from her. After building her business for the last 9 years from a place of true integrity, she is more involved and passionate than ever.

Topics include:

  • Raw Food & Clean Eating
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Digging Deep within Yourself to find Real Inspiration & Passion
  • Treating your body as a temple
  • Walking & Living In Reverence
  • The vibrational makeup of food
  • Embracing your fears
  • True Abundance
  • The importance of the Non GMO Verification Project

‘’Be bold, be brave, and sink your teeth into life by going after exactly what you want.’’

Let’s sink our teeth into this episode (and these incredible healthy treats that Susan brought to us)...



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