Let Fear be Your Guidepost to Success on Your Own Entrepreneurship Journey feat. Founder & CEO of SPUDSY, Ashely Rogers

On this week's episode of the Podcast, we interviewedAshley Rogers, the Founder of Spudsyand co-founder of Buff Bake.

From starting a meal prep company to selling Buff Bake in farmers' marketsto recently starting her newest creation, Spudsy, Ashley has covered all grounds.

Today, Ashley is sharing her story and journey about her motivations to continue on and keep growing.

Ashley finds her success by listening to her guidance and acting upon it. She is a natural-born creator and is constantly bringing new ideas to life with immense courage.

Following her love for sweet potatoes and bread, came Spudsy. In this interview, you’ll find out how Spudsy got off the ground in an unconventional way.

Ashley talks about her experience in the food industry and how she navigates it while the food space is constantly evolving and changing.

She gives advice on how to get your idea up and running, how to make it come alive, and shares her passion for all things entrepreneurial!

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