Connecting With Your Core Audience Like A Lady-Boss, feat. POP & BOTTLE Co-Founder Blair Hardy & Head Of Marketing Shelley Tang

I had the privilege of being on a video call with some gorgeous team members from Pop & Bottle, and dang do these girls SHINE.

Instantly I was captivated by their spirit, passion, & wide open hearts.

And, they really know what they're doing (even though they may not always know it!)

Pop & Bottle creates 'superfood almond lattes' - right in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. They're vegan, extra clean, and absolutely delicious.

We laughed together at how crazy the food industry is, and how it's SUCH a learning curve. And then I got to pick their brains on how they've marketed their product *so* well.

I was beaming with delight the whole time & honestly I learned so much.

I am so proud of them for the beautiful brand they have created and I can't wait to see their company continue to shine.

PLUS: Learn the story, of course, about how the two badass co-founders met, developed the product & brought it to market.


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