Redesigning Your Relationship With Food & Body, feat. KWEEN & CO Founder, Ali Bonar

Ali Bonar is the Founder of Kween & Co, the world’s first granola butter!

Ali is such a vibrant spirit and stands for so much that I believe in. She is a voice for developing a healthier relationship with our bodies & with food, which I greatly appreciate because I went through a very similar dieting rollercoaster & then my healing journey out of it.

Ali left her career in technology to pursue Kween & Co full time. She is the first to market with her delicious product, granola butter, which is the perfect alternative to nut butters especially for those with nut or seed allergies.

Ali has a super loyal fanbase and she is truly brilliant at organic marketing, writing (check out their beautiful blog!) and engaging her customers in an authentic way.

Thank you Ali for being here on this podcast with me!

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