Kale-Chip Pioneers To Multimillion Dollar Superfood Success with Co-Founder & CEO of RHYTHM SUPERFOODS, Scott Jensen

I had the privilege of interviewing Scott Jensen, the CEO & Co-Founder of Rhythm Superfoods, where I myself got to learn so much about building food brands.

Rhythm Superfoods is a pioneer in the food industry, as they brought us some of the first Kale Chips on the market. Until this day, they are an industry leader in better-for-you-snacks--indeed one of my top favorite brands because their snacks are always organic & never fried.

Scott reveals the story, their proprietary process in creating their snacks, and also shares about their transparent supply chain in a way I've never heard another founder talk about.

The success of Rhythm is not a a secret, as you can find their product everywhere. They're en route to sell around $30mm worth of snacks this year, and they continue to innovate in ways that I personally am so excited about.

They have done this all while also maintaining a fun, engaging company culture. Scott is a true leader and I am grateful to have had the chance to learn from him.

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