Existing In The Fast-Paced Food Industry Completely Stress-Free, feat. SOOZY’S GRAIN-FREE Founder Susan Chen

Susan created SOOZY’S GRAIN-FREE muffins as an answer to her partner’s diagnosis of Celiac Disease. She left her well-paying job on Wall Street to develop these delicious, gluten-free muffins & other treats right in her kitchen. Now she is a building an innovative company and growing in store count every month.

In our interview I discovered Susan’s passion about a specific type of meditation, called Vedic Meditation, that genuinely changed her life. She talks about this incredible tool in depth, and was even about to fly to Maui (where I live!) to lead a meditation course with her current partner. I loved Susan’s holistic nature & gentle spirit, and I was grateful to meet her in-person over an acai bowl the week following our virtual interview :)

Susan brings a graceful intelligence to her business. I’m eager for you all to listen in.

The Soozy's Mission:

We believe that living with love and intention is the foundation for a blissful life. It's with this philosophy that we created Soozy's Grain-Free. Our products are thoughtfully crafted, with balance and awareness baked in so that each bite of a Soozy's Grain-Free product ensures a focus on nourishing ourselves through mindful eating.


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