How an Artisan Ice Cream Company is Making a Huge Splash!

On today’s podcast episode, Makenzie sits down with Ben Van Leeuwen, co-founder of the Van Leeuwen ice cream company.

Ben shares the Van Leeuwen ice cream mission: Make the most delicious food possible. He discusses how they produce both Vegan and non-Vegan ice creams using the best ingredients possible and without any stabilizers.

They discuss how the company started (in 2008), where they are at now and how far they have come. From making ice cream in the kitchen to having brick-and-mortar stores, food trucks, and selling wholesale across the country, the company is doing it all.

Ben shares how they produce everything in house and spend as little money as possible on things that don’t affect the customer. He shares his advice for entrepreneurs and gives the intricate details on their Vegan ice cream.

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