Creating and Sustaining a Mission-Driven Business – Feat. Lotus Foods Co-Founders, Carol Levine and Ken Lee

Lotus Foods makes organic, heirloom, and fair trade specialty grown rice (and many other rice-based products) that’s grown on family farms where the company holds a deep respect for women, water, soils and communities. The company was founded by Carol Levine and Ken Lee after they began importing black rice from China in 1995. You can find their products online via Amazon and World Pantry and at retailers nationwide.

Listen to Lotus Foods Co-Founders, Carol Levine and Ken Lee talk about making a product that was not so inherently healthy and making a healthier version more accessible to people. They share how they discovered their “beloved” grains in China after a 2-month trip to China and over 90 initial ideas generated, how they came up with the term Forbidden Rice® (their trademarked term for black rice), and where the name Lotus Foods came from.

The Lotus Foods story will inspire you to create something meaningful and provide value to the world.

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