Find Your 'Wild Way' Of Life To Live Out Your Wildest Dreams - Feat. WILDWAY Founder, Kelli Koehler

WILDWAY creates grain-free granola, hot cereal & snack mixes in yummy flavors such as coconut cashew & vanilla bean sea salt. WILDWAY was founded by Kelli Koehler and Kyle Koehler in 2012. Their company is located in San Antonio, Texas and their mission is to inspire others to find their own 'wild way' of living for the healthiest, fullest life.You can find their product in stores across the nation such as Whole Foods, Wegmans & many more, as well as online on Amazon.

Listen to WILDWAY Founder, Kelli Koehler, tell the story of WILDWAY and how it came to life. Learn the ins & outs of the company, while becoming inspired to take action on your own life to go against the grain.

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