When Innocent Ideas Become a Booming Success: Feat. COYO Co-Founder, Sandra Gosling

Discover the gentle, heart-felt origins of COYO through this conversation with Sandra Gosling.

One morning, Henry - Sandra’s husband, woke up with the idea to create yogurt out of coconuts. They simply followed their curiosities which eventually led to the delicious coconut yogurt we all know and love.

From having an idea, to recipe testing, to getting the product to market - The Gosling's did it all and it soon became a family affair.

The Gosling family figured they needed to educate the masses about coconut yogurt - which proved to be one of the biggest tasks they came across.

After entering their yogurt into a food show competition and winning nearly every category - they gained the confidence they needed to propel COYO to be the name it is today.

Their story provides a beautiful example that you cannot force these kinds of miracles, you must be open to receiving and to being guided & following your intuition.

Learn about doing business with family and how the Gosling’s make it work. Putting fear aside and treating everyone the same whether they are family or not seems to be key. Continuously checking in and asking family members key questions is crucial.

Learn to follow your ‘why’ & ‘reason’ in life and to keep examining it through Sandra’s story of COYO.

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