Why I Set My Intentions Every Day (for the most DELIGHTFUL life)

Why I Set My Intentions Every Day

by Makenzie Marzluff

Some people set goals, but I write intentions.

Goals to me feel a bit...forced.

But the word 'intention' to me feels spacious, creative & exciting.

I set my intentions every single day.

And believe me, the simple practice of writing out just one intention daily, is bound to lead to a more delightful life.

Delighted By Hummus, my company, is living proof of this.

When I started selling my hummus in farmers' markets in 2015, I set a very clear intention: to spread by glitter by bringing delight to at least one person each day. The actions that followed were all an answer to this intention, whether it was me sampling out my hummus or asking someone 'what are you delighted by today?'

When I write my intentions each day, I am telling the universe exactly what I desire to experience. Does it mean it will play out that way to a tee? Maybe not (and I have certainly learned to surrender to the mystery of life) but I can't help but believe that when I set my intentions- whether verbally or in writing- I am creating a more delightful life for myself.

I have seen more than ever how powerful our words can be when we use them intentionally.

Most importantly, my intention-setting gives me a beautiful 'accountability partner.' Accountability to not limit myself; accountability to be more positive; accountability to dream bigger; accountability to my highest alignment.

The words I write out can be reflected upon later in my day or week to gauge where I could improve my actions & thoughts in order to align with the intentions I wrote. This is my accountability partner.

When I write my intentions, I ensure I am using positive language.

In fact, I use the most positive language possible when writing & speaking my intentions.

There are so many books out there on 'the power of intention' and 'the power of positive language,' so I won't explain the mechanics but I do want to share my personal experiences to show you that this stuff really does work. 

My favorite example of this is from three days ago. I set a powerful intention regarding my current work with Delighted By:

 ''My intention is to connect to the Delighted By customers & followers in a bigger, more meaningful way. I desire to build a strong community and feel personally connected to a DB 'tribe.''

When I wrote this intention, I had no idea HOW I was going to do this. But I didn't want to try to figure out the 'how,' instead I wanted to be inspired to something amazing. And that's just what happened! Within 24 hours of writing down my intention, I started having so many fun ideas- that felt EFFORTLESS- such as the idea to start a blog (here it is!), to hop on IG LIVE for morning intention-settings (today was my first!) and a few others that I can't wait to announce.

Try it out! Write down your intentions today- what do you desire to experience? What experience would you be most delighted by? Write whatever is on your heart, and dream big!