Meet Delighted By Hummus: Team Series

We are more than just the most delicious and innovative dessert hummus on the planet. Delighted By Hummus is made up of a team driven by our mission:

To inspire others to spread THEIR glitter. To inspire you to simply BE the light that you are are in the world.

Founder Makenzie Marzluff says,

We want to inspire people to do more things that they are genuinely delighted by, rather than giving into what society or even family tries to convince us to do. Delighted By is here to remind people that we can co-create a thriving, delightful, inspiring life for ourselves...all we have to do is trust and most importantly, know we are worthy of it.

Meet Delighted By Hummus: Team Series 

The Delighted By Hummus team is made up of of people who fully embrace the mission and are lead by the desire to create intentionally and share the company's story and values as far as it can reach.

We are excited to begin introducing the Delighted By Hummus team today through our team series posts. 

If you bookmark this page, you'll never miss a post because we will add each and every single team members spotlight here once they have been uploaded.

We hope you enjoy the series and are delighted by the messages shared. 

Team Member Story Features

  1. Meet Delighted By Hummus Founder Makenzie Marzluff
  2. Meet Delighted By Hummus Smooth Operator: Maressa Garner