Meet Delighted By Hummus: Tastebud Coordinator Ryann Mead

Tastebud Coordinator, Ryann Mead is the next feature for the Meet Delighted By Hummus: Team Series.

Today we are delighted to introduce Ryann Mead to you. You'll love her energy and getting to know (from her perspective) all the various pieces that go into each and every single Delighted By Hummus batch; from manufacturer to each loving spoonful you take.


Hey y’all !!! WHAT’S GOOD!!! So great to meet you :)

My name is Ryann Mead. I’m the Tastebud Coordinator - aka Logistics Manager - at Delighted by Hummus.

My Role at Delighted By Hummus
I essentially take in all requests for product from our wonderful vendors, am the guardian of our operational parameters with clients, and am tasked to hold integrity in communication with all of our business partners.

Most of my job is coordinating the smooth transportation of our product from the manufacturer all the way to your homes and hearts. I am lucky to be able to work very closely with all members of our team due to the nature of my position; I love it!

I’m also working with our uh-maze founder, Makenzie, on a sustainability initiative we are cultivating at Delighted By Hummus which means a great deal to me to be a part of (more to come on that).

Working at Delighted By Hummus has been one of the truest pleasures I’ve ever had professionally. This work environment is extremely special. First off, it’s the first time I’ve ever worked with all women (and Jack!! xo) and it has been SOOO ENCOURAGING to me to be held up so highly by these ladies.

Our team knows how to show up to work, honor that work, and do it VERY well. At the same time, we are also required and encouraged to get at our authenticity, and to work with high integrity.

Don’t get me wrong, we all have our days, but that’s the beauty of it: We are all human and that’s part of the ethos here. I love each of you SO much, Delighted By Hummus people!!!

Meet Delighted By Hummus Tastebud Coordinator Ryann Mead personality #hummus #person #lifestyle
At Delighted By Hummus I feel respected in my work, able to thrive, am paid very well, and I can also be completely myself. Not only that but Makenzie, our admirable founder, has made it a real priority to give us all tools to grow personally and professionally that are genuine and only there to offer support. I mean C’MON people!! <3 <3

And, the greatest part of all this is: THIS ALL CREATES LOVE, and the love legitimately seeps into our INCREDIBLE product, the Delighted by Hummus line. I’m proud to say that I am a professional joy spreader.

Latest Inspiration
Right now I’m super engaged with enhancing my mind-body-spirit connection. I think it’s kind of easy to reside in one of these lanes at one time, feeling it difficult to live in the larger picture, and I’m really keen on gathering abundance and balance in all three.

Recently I was really inspired from watching the documentary ‘Momentum Generation’ for many reasons (see: shirtless Kelly Slater), but mostly just admiring how humans can really emerge from any depth through brother/sisterhood, ritual, physical movement, connection to the natural world and a dedication to integrity.

These are all themes I’ve been kind of hibernating in all winter, and I’m super stoked to start breathing into the spring with all the exciting energy I’ve gathered.

I’ve also been trying to brush up on my geography and reading about US history as we head into the new election season. I want to go into it with pride not fear.

I’ve been living in Brooklyn, NY for the last 8 years and am being called to get near some mountains, beach and horses (!!). To that end, I’m getting ready for a pivot out of the big city. In the meantime, I’ve been really inspired by going to a few shows in some of the amazing art museums here in the City like MOMA PS1 and the Guggenheim most recently.

Meet Delighted By Hummus Tastebud Coordinator Ryann Mead dessert #hummus #person #lifestyle

Finally, I’m inspired all the time by my friends and family who continue to blow me away with their ways of living :)

What inspires YOU?!

Can’t wait to see you all at the live Instagram chat on Friday, March 1, 2019 at 1pm EST.

With Gratitude!!