If you're not a papaya lover yet, you should be! The idea and inspiration for these papaya boats comes from @chefkyrabramble. ⁠

Ever wondered how to choose a ripe papaya? Look for the ones that are turning from green to golden yellow.💚💛 You can keep unripe papayas in a paper bag with a banana to speed up the process!⁠


See below how to make these papaya boats for breakfast all summer:⁠


  1. Cut open your ripe papaya and scoop out the seeds⁠
  2. Fill with a generous dollop of Key Lime DELIGHTED BY⁠
  3. Top with your favorite fruits, coconut flakes, or lime zest⁠
  4. Enjoy! ⁠

P.S. You can now find our Key Lime Pie flavor in select @target stores nationwide! 🎯Head to the link in bio to see if we're in yours!

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