A Deeper Look Into Delighted By's Mission

Most who know me personally know I am an incredibly passionate and heart-led human with a big vision for the world.

And, like most passionate people, I of course have a story as to how I became that way.

*Before reading, make sure you check out an interview I did here for my full background and story.*

Come back after you read so that I can dive in deeper with you in sharing the whole (personal) truth on how I came to be who I am....and how that plays into Delighted By's origins and overall mission.

In 2014 (26 years old; Scottsdale AZ) I had an incredibly challenging personal year. Truth be told- I hit rock bottom, sending me (thankfully) into a deep exploration of why I am here and what I am meant to do with this life. Late that year I finally came out of what most people would call a depression....for which I give thanks to many human angels on my path as well as numerous books & other tools for personal and spiritual development.

In Jan 2015 I attended a retreat in Sedona where I asked 'What is my purpose?' I heard a very clear message: 'Makenzie, your purpose is to spread your glitter.  In other words, to be the light that you are.'

Having been raised in a household that focused on traditional success and 'striving,' this message brought me a lot of relief. Now I knew that I could focus on BEing, rather than doing. Simple: If I bring my love & energy to every room I walk in and to every person I meet, that in itself would fulfill my purpose. It was simple but profound, and honestly it changed my life.

Within 24 hours of hearing this message, I was making my dessert hummus for fun. I had been making dessert hummus for over a year (read that part of the story here). See, my background was nutrition & culinary and I had a strong sweet-tooth ;)  so I was often made 'healthier' versions of dessert. I had initially made my dessert hummus as an alternative to edible cookie dough- to simply bring to a super bowl party. Everyone at the party literally thought it WAS cookie dough, but after convincing them that it was indeed made from chickpeas, they all told me I should sell it. I thought that sounded crazy, but now fast-forward to early 2015....

I am stirring chocolate chips into my hummus and I heard another message:

''This is one way you are going to spread your glitter.''

I am looking right at the dessert hummus. I think...''really? dessert hummus?''

But I took that message seriously that day. Literally the next Monday I went to the health department in Maricopa County and purchased my food permits. Within a week I was at my first farmers' markets in Phoenix & surrounding areas.

I remember showing up to my first farmers market, alone, so excited but also nervous. I had one intention: to spread my glitter.  I didn't go in there with the intention of selling a lot of hummus, but instead to touch at least one person's life. I would ask them 'what are you delighted by today?'

Within weeks I was selling out at every farmers' market. For me this was just a bonus because I was more delighted by life than I had ever been.

My vision from Day 1 was that Delighted By would be the first dessert hummus to national shelves. But I didn't want to do business in the traditional way. I wanted to lead this business differently: by accessing my higher guidance, by trusting my intuition, and by simply spreading my glitter. I never wrote a business plan; I started the company on credit cards; and I trusted over and over again. There of course have been many challenges (and there continue to be), but I see Delighted By as my playground in becoming the best version of myself. Every challenge is just an opportunity to grow by looking inward & upward.

Delighted By's mission is simple:

To inspire others to spread THEIR glitter. To inspire you to simply BE the light that you are are in the world.

We love asking people 'What are you delighted by today?' because we believe that if you state what you are delighted by in life, you'll attract MORE things you're delighted by.

We want to inspire people to do more things that they are genuinely delighted by, rather than giving into what society or even family tries to convince us to do. Delighted By is here to remind people that we can co-create a thriving, delightful, inspiring life for ourselves...all we have to do is trust and most importantly, know we are worthy of it.